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Management & Marketing

West Point Graduate and Gulf War Veteran Franklin Rivera shares the experiences of himself and others to help you to become a better business, a better you. No fluff, just the real stuff

November 9, 2016

RNR EP 8: Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Too many times businesses look at marketing as a last ditch effort to increase sales.  More often than not, businesses expect inbound traffic to websites to translate into sales and are often disappointed.  The digital marketing industry has made a lot of empty promises and business owners are hard pressed to understant digital marketing and how it can actually lead to revenue generation. Franklin explains how a digital marketing strategy should be formulated, from a business owners point of view, not a marketing point of view.  Listen and learn and be an educated business owner.  

Franklin is the Founder and CEO of the V2M2 Group, Inc. a social media and advocacy marketing agency that services clients nationwide.  Franklin has over 22 years of experience with such brands as Novartis, GlaxoSmithkline and Johnson and Johnson.  His holistic approach to digital marketing and revenue generation is what has enabled him and his company to be engaged with some of the biggest brands in the world.   He may be reached at frank@franklindrivera.com, frank@v2m2inc.com, or by calling 312-962-8188.  Visit his website and the company website at   www.franklindrivera.com , www.v2m2inc.com. Franklin is available for speaking engagements and corporate social media training seminars  


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